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General pricing and descriptions for custom orders

Each cookie is approximately 3 to 4 inches in size, depending on the shape. Each cookie is individually heat sealed in food safe cellophane bags for freshness. Cookies are packaged in a window bakery box with paper filler.


Starting at $60 per dozen

Basic shapes
Minimal details
Up to 3 colors
2 designs
Classic Vanilla flavor


Starting at $70 per dozen

Mix of shapes
Moderate to elaborate details
4-6 colors
Up to 6 designs

Elaborate & Characters/Custom Logos

Starting at $85 per dozen

Custom hand-cut shapes
Custom details, fonts, & colors
Hand painted gold, silver, and/or rose gold details

Mini Cookies

Starting at $27 per dozen

Minis are approximately 2 to 2.25 inches in size
Packaged in 3x8 or 3x10 inch cellophane bags
Price increases for custom details

DIY Cookie Kits

Decorate your own cookies with a customizable kit. Please inquire for additional details.

Additional Information

For custom wrapping and cookie gift sets please contact for additional pricing.

Pricing: List
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